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Webcam Software

Splendid Video Record Suite

Webcam software is software that has so many interesting features; it requires a very small space in a computer and thus works very efficiently. This software has different categories to choose from, it can track the local camera, the network camera and the remote camera, The network camera can be tracked or connected to by or via the IP address. People using the webcam software can access the remote camera in another computer which has the same webcam software, This software can not only be used in the computer webcams but can be used in any webcam even the building camera. This software can access different modes of camera using the IP address, this software also allows users to create their accounts and log in and thus they can check into their cameras directly from their accounts. The webcam software also allows the users to record from the webcam and the IP camera and store/save it in the computer, The software has no limited usage in the network camera and thus users enjoys a lot using this software.

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